A step towards digital literacy

We connect with nonprofits and empower their students with technological skills

Students learn how to use the web to their advantage We teach programming and computing concepts Digital skills are used to transform communities

Courses are tailored to meet the needs of the
students and conducted in different levels

'During the session we learnt HTML and CSS, with which we made our individual portfolios. This is helpful for me to send to the internships and job applications that I'll apply for. I enjoyed you explaining [to] us many times the same thing and keeping us engaged.'

- Jyoti Chauhan, Down To Earth

We teach HTML, CSS and Javascript - the fundamentals of web-development and design.
In byte-sized amounts.

Levels: Byte, Kilobyte, Megabyte, Gigabyte & Terabyte

'The way it is explained makes me enthusiastic to learn more. It is important for us to know these concepts, since it makes our work easier and faster. In my community, people are unaware of their basic rights: to solve this problem, I will create a page which will include their rights in a way they can understand.'

- Priyanka Gupta, Antarang Foundation

Students and NGOs
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'I can add in my resume about the skills I learnt and give them [employers] the link to my Portfolio, so that they understand that I can make websites. The workshop gave me an opportunity to learn a completely new skill. I want to teach the skills I learnt to every person in my community.'

- Daood Sheikh, Down To Earth

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